What are shopper points? Do they matter?

Developed with the input of Mystery Shopping Providers, schedulers, editors and project managers, the iSS system checks for specific actions taken by shoppers and MSPs and either awards or deducts points based on them.

This number is referred to as the Agent Rank. Shoppers with higher Agent Ranks have demonstrated a history of successfully completing assignments on time, as agreed, and with a high quality level.

As an example, when a shop is approved (accepted by the MSP for release to their client) the system awards points. If a shop is declined by the MSP (and not deemed acceptable to release to the client) it deducts points.

There are many variables that affect the Agent Rank and the more shops you do, the higher it climbs.

It matters in several ways: on the plus side, high ranked shoppers are a "safer bet" for schedulers and are more likely to get assignments than those with lower or negative rankings. Additionally, as you progress up the ranking system, you are able to self-assign more shops at one time. Finally, some of the most desirable shops may be set up to only be available to shoppers at or above a specific rank.

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