Why do I have negative points?

The iSS system awards (and deducts) points to a shopper's profile based on the actions and behaviors and the decisions of the schedulers and editors responsible for the assignments a shopper has accepted.

Successfully completing an acceptable shop, for example, will award points. Accepting a shop and failing to complete it on time, or submitting one that is unacceptable will result in a loss of points.

This cumulative score helps MSPs evaluate potential shoppers. If your points are negative, it is because the negative points you earned so far exceed the positive. The most common ay this happens is when a new shopper (0 points) accepts an assignment then drops ot or fails to complete it on time and it gets unassigned - this puts them in an early negative position.

This does not mean that you will not be able to work again, but it does mean you will have some catching up to do. A small negative score is usually not a big deal, but a high negative score can make schedulers wary.

Please make sure that you complete your assignments on time, as agreed, following the instructions and answering all questions.

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