How do I find shops in another area?

It's super easy!

On the Website

Log in to the website, click Available Shops and, at the top of the page there is a Search field. Enter the City and State or Zip Code of the area you are interested in and Shazam! They'll appear.

On the App

Since your smartphone always knows where it is (kinda creepy when you think about it), clicking Available Shops on the app will automatically display all the Available Shops near you. This is awesome when you are traveling as you can discover what's available wherever you are.

At the top of the Available Shops page, there are two buttons: Near Me and Near Home. If you are out and about, use Near Me. If you are away from home (business trip, vacation, abducted by aliens, etc), click Near Home to see what jobs await when (or if) you return.

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